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Shirdo Roofing

Shirdo Roofing is a wholly South African company formed in 2015 and run  by South African citizens, working in partnership with a variety of experts and companies with the capacity and capability to supply services and empower communities and our clients through a variety of skills development.

Individuals with extensive experience and knowledge have been identified to be the pillars of the company. This is a team of professionals.

Shirdo Roofing operates each day with one goal in mind. To provide the best total solutions to its customers. Total solutions whether you need to change the appearance of your facility, reconstruct an existing space, or manage improvement projects, Shirdo Roofing has a solution for you.


Being a large company, Shirdo Roofing has the source to implement creative solutions to unique situation. You can rely on our staff experience to help you achieve a high return on your investment.

Shirdo Roofing is one of the largest roofing company in the industry, but our family-owned nature and dedication to friendly, prompt and reliable service make it feel you’re doing business with friends.

Mission To provide effective and quality services to our clients. We are further dedicated to provide enhanced information gathering on various services on offer together  with a pragmatic approach in developing solutions.

Objective Provide quality roofing material to the public.

Affirmative Career Development. Shirdo Roofing is an Affirmative Business Enterprise (ABE) which has never, and will not discriminate against the disabled, women and individuals or groups of different race, creed or colour.

We also believe that a formal and structured approach is required to contribute to the normalization process in South Africa and guide Shirdo Roofing into future developments.

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